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Why Traditional Clinics, Practices, & Showcases setup Your Athlete for Failure

Most clinics offer the same repetitive "dodging" skills & drills, focusing on outdated techniques, that don't challenge the player or encourage them to step out of their comfort zone.  

During practices, athletes are AFRAID to make a mistake. In games, athletes are AFRAID to make mistakes. And athlete's aren't going to try new things or take chances at a showcase. So when exactly do they learn new things? 

By removing the pressure of immediate success and fear of failure, Shake School provides a 'safe space' for athletes to explore NEW techniques.

Our unique approach extends far beyond just footwork and stick skills. My approach ensures that your child develops necessary range and versatility required to stand out in todays competitive lacrosse landscape.

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Kacy Small has taken a no-name team to 3 straight division championships and 2 state championships. He is the founder of Shake School Lacrosse and a revolutionary trainer in the sport of lacrosse serving athletes ranging from middle school to the PLL & AU. 

  • 7x US Lacrosse Convention Speaker
  • ​2024 Mass Youth Lax Convention Speaker
  • ​2014 World Games Captain for Thailand
  • ​Bishop Shanahan Girls Varsity Coach


Kacy's explanations of the workouts have been easy for my 11 year old to understand and carry out. Nicky has improved his quickness, agility, and speed just after doing these drills for a week and a half. These drills have benefitted him not only for lacrosse but for football & basketball too.

Nick Zanetto

Kacy has a passion for what he does and it shows in every practice, video, drill and workout. I have several kids who have played travel sports and worked with personal trainers and I can say without question Kacy is the best I have seen. So so happy I was introduced to him.

Larry Fiorrini

We have been using Shake School twice a week with all of our players this offseason. We have seen dramatic improvements in their confidence in handling the ball, winning their one on one, and ability to be resilient. This platform is definitely worth the investment. 

Clare Hansen