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tired of struggling with your dodging?

Unable to win your matchups?

What if I told you, it's not your fault,
And You Can Turn Things Around...


I’ve discovered the difference between players who exit the field glowing with glory 
VS those who walk off the field with their head down or their arms all bruised up.

Players who don't "perform" LACK 1 of 2 Things

1. Knowledge & Understanding
​2. Confidence

Too many young female athletes today are Relying On The Same Methodology

& Same Old Practice Routines that have been taught for DECADES!

You know what that does? 

Makes Them Predictable and Easily Shut Down by Defenders

Listen.... Using old and out dated training methods, because that's all you were taught,
isn't your fault!

and if you want to play at the next level,
it's your responsibility to fix this problem

You see the game has evolved over the years. But coaching all too often lags behind.

I was thinking about this when training my high school team one day back in 2019.

I was using methods I had implementing with WPLL Athletes and I realized, there are NO opportunities for grade school and high school athletes to train like the Pro's 🤔💭

So That's Why I Created

Shake School Online

To Bring World Class Training, to the local clubs, teams, parents and athletse.

But then I ran into another problem

I had this great training and drill achieve, showcasing our methods for improving footwork and winning one on ones. 

​But people didn't REALLY know how to apply it on the field with a team...

​Another thing I noticed as I began to coach clubs and other teams, was the variety in the strucutre of their training.

My girls were used to a lot of structure. And they did work off the field as well. They know what was expected of them, and when they needed to do what based on the time of the season. 

We reviewed a lot of film together. We built a culture together.

And I also coached my girls when it came to recruitment time.

How to get noticed by coaches, how to reach out, how to follow up and such.

i realised many athletes in on other teams and clubs weren't getting this.

So that's when I set out to revamp what I started. 

And thats how Shake School 3.0 was born.

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Shake School teaches female lacrosse athletes the art of lacrosse movement.

We GUARANTEE A Noticeable Improvement to your Footwork, Fakes, and Fundamental Understanding of what it takes to win your 1 on 1's and get to the cage for shots 

How You Get Results

You'll Have Access to the Following Courses

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"Core Concepts"

The Starting Point

The Core Concepts course contains the fundamental concepts we teach which are incorporated into all of our drills. By understanding the theory behind their new training, athletes can make the most out of their workouts and maximize the benefits. This is why this is the starting point for all of our athletes, we set them up for success with fundamentals first.

"Shake School Workouts"

A full year of bi-weekly training

These workouts progressively build upon each other. No matter what time of year you start, you'll begin at workout 1. Then work your way to the final workout. Each workout typically has 4 drills. You can move at your own pace. If you did them bi-weekly, there are enough workouts to last an entire year! 

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"Monthly Objectives"

Key focal points for Athletes throughout the calendar year

There is a Monthly Objective Course for Athletes. The course outlines what you should be focusing on, month by month. This gives them guidance not just on physical workouts but also things like contacting recruiters, how to follow up after showcases for athletes. For coaching we'll discuss things like team building, training plans, and so much more.

This serves as a To Do Checklist so to speak and is mapped out on a calendar over the 12 months of the year. 

"Pro Challenges"

Challenge Yourself. Get feedback from Pro Athletes

With the addition of the community, now athletes and pros can interact with each other right on the same platform.

You can also learn from other players feedback as well.

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"Shake School Showcase"

Get Advertised & Get Noticed by Coaches and Recruiters 

Like pro challenges, the Showcase will now be hosted right within the platform. Members also have the ability to DM each other providing yet another great way recruiters can connect. 

Bonus Lessons

We still offer the programming and sparring reps as well as my method for customizing workouts to create endless drills. These lessons are now in our Bonus section, and there will be more to follow

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Additional FEATURES


Shake School introduces a NEW collaborative space for our athletes, parents, coaches, recruiters, to connect seamlessly.

This community operates similarly to a social media platform.

Here, users can post, comment, message, like, and share various content types, including videos. This feature will streamline our collaboration, coaching efforts, Q&A sessions, and collective growth.


While it might appear minor, this is an incredibly powerful tool.

Videos in the classroom, online lessons, Zoom calls, and more, will have attached transcripts. This feature makes it possible for spoken words in the videos to be easily searchable.

For instance, if you're in need of a workout for midfielders or seeking off-season training ideas, simply enter your keywords into the search bar. You'll instantly discover every related resource, putting valuable information right at your fingertips.

Integrated Calendar

Before, we used to notify members about our Zoom Meetings via email. We recognized the need for a more efficient method...

Now all our meetings will be organized on an integrated Calendar. This means you can effortlessly view upcoming events and join them with a single click, all within the same platform.

Whether it's a lesson, game review, collaborative session with pros, or Small Talks (coach huddles), make sure to take advantage of the new calendar feature. This way, you won't miss any training opportunities.

App for Android & IOS

You'll get access to an app which you can download from the play store or apple store. So you can access with ease, anytime, anywhere. 

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We've Helped Thousands of Athletes All Across the US

Here's what Just a Few Have to Say

Google Verified Review

Coach Kacy and Shake helped improve every aspect of my lacrosse game, including preparation and drills, mental and physical conditioning, and continued mentoring - highly recommend if you are serious about your lacrosse game!

- Michelle Warren

Google Verified Review

The BEST training! Thank you Coach Kacy!

- Lila Behnam

Google Verified Review

Excellence in lacrosse training! My daughter has been  using the training for over 4 years now and it has transformed her confidence and skills on the attack!

- Jill Schardt

Google Verified Review

I found Shake School in 2020, and my kids instantly became addicted to Kacy's teachings. We bought the online membership and not a week goes by that my girls are not outside doing one of the workouts. We then went to one of his clinics which happened to be near a summer tournament. It was everything we thought it would be and more.

I think skills development in Club Sports is lacking in a big (very big) way. I see parents waste a tremendous amount of money getting their kids coached by the local high schooler, or worse yet, getting sucked into supporting local "clinics" that turn out to be glorified babysitting money grabs. If your kid wants to be a top player, invest in Shake'll be amazed at how much better they get...and they will love it!

- John Downs

Google Verified Review

An incredible platform! Coach Kacy really breaks down the Importance of space and timing as you approach your defenders. drills are extremely effective 

- Denise Kiernan

Google Verified Review

I was introduced to Shake School by our HS Lax Coach. My daughter went to an in person training with Kacy. I was thoroughly impressed with his next level lax wisdom, so I purchased a membership to Shake School and now my son who also plays is growing as a lax player as well! I am also a middle school coach and the coach training is next level as well! I highly recommend Shake School to anyone who wants to improve their lacrosse game!

- Amy C

Google Verified Review

Amazing specific training which has helped our daughters tremendously! We are so lucky to be able to access Kacy’s knowledge and strategies.

Rob & Liane Duncheskie

Who is Kacy Small Anyway...

Hi Coach Kacy Small here,

I’ve been coaching Women's & Men’s Lacrosse for 14 years.

I’ve spoken and presented 6 times at the US Lacrosse Convention, I was Captain of the Thailand National Team at the 2014 FIL World Games.

I’m currently Head Coach of the Bishop Shanahan Girls Varsity Team in Chester County PA.

And I’ve personally trained dozens of PLL & AU/WPLL Pros Including Kyle Harrison, Kylie Ohlmiller, Lauren Lea, Myles Jones, Sammy Jo Tracy, Sam Apuzzo, Dempsey Arsenault, Megan Whittle, Marie McCool, and many others.

Plus, through my in-person and online Training Clinics and programs I’ve trained thousands of up-and-coming Women’s Lacrosse players just like you!

I take a different approach... in pretty much all aspects of coaching

I love to share my passion and knowledge, and I'd love to share it with you!

Here is What You'll Get

When You Join Shake School Today

  • Full Classroom Access: 100% Access to ALL Courses 
  • Core Concepts: Learn the TRUE Fundamentals (not roll dodge & split dodge)
  • Shake School Workouts: See the Progress One Workout At a Time
  • Monthly Objectives: Focus on What Matters, On or Off Season
  • Pro Challenges: Get Feedback from the Pros, and push yourself
  • Shake School Showcase: Make the TOP 25 and get advertised
  • Bonus Lessons: Saving these for a surprise
  • Android & IOS App: Access on the Go
  • Community Access: Priceless Connections & Support

The work outs alone would be equivalent to going to about 13 clinics which would cost $2,275 ($175 x13)

Which may seem like a lot... but considering some private Lacrosse Clubs & D1 Colleges have paid me over $3,000 to learn the exact things you're going to learn in Shake School today... that wouldn't be a bad deal.

However, I'm not going to charge you $3000, or $2000, or even $1000.....

Instead, you can get an ALL ACCESS PASS to Shake School 3.0 for just $27/month

AND For a Limited Time, you can even get a FREE Trail
so you can see the results for yourself.


Results or Money Back

If you work through every lesson, every work out, every drill, and you still don't see results, we'll refund every penny

Check Out Just a few of the Shake School

Athletes Who Received Commitments 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does online training compare to in person and does it work?

I’ve designed Shake School to be just as effective as my in-person clinics, and any coach or player should easily be able to perform these workouts at home.

Plus, you can simply film yourself performing the workouts inside Shake School and you’ll get Feedback 

 What ages is this training program for?

The drills and movements inside Shake School are effective for all ages!

Not only do I use this same material with Pros and D1 Athletes… But I actually recommend all youth players train this way too, so they can develop faster, prevent future injuries, and grow into a more aggressive playstyle.

How often do I need to train?

For best results, we recommend athletes and coaches build the Shake School workouts into their regular training a minimum of 1-2 times a week.

That includes both in-season and off-season.

 How quickly will I see results?

For athletes that already train on a regular basis… Many of our students report drastic improvements to their footwork, fakes, shooting & explosiveness inside just 1-2 weeks. But of course, this also depends on how frequently you train with Shake School and whether or not you incorporate it into your regular training.


"In order to get better I knew I had to try new things. Kacy's program got me doing movements I had never done before. It's a great program too learn from. You can learn from Pro's, Coach Kacy, and others"

- Ally Mastroianni

"Kacy breaks down complex movements into basic concepts. Learning to incorporate the fundamentals into advanced movements is what can make you explosive and unpredictable."

- Kyle Harrison

"Training with Kacy took my game to the next level"

"After a few sessions with Shake School my agility and footwork became more explosive, powerful, and elusive"

- Lauren Lea

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